I’m currently researching ideas relating to experiential events and portable exhibition design and was reminded of Sir John Soane’s Museum in London.

Whilst a treasure trove of antiquities and hoarding doesn’t immediately reasonate with modern, clean, sleek promotional tools there were many ideas to take inspiration from.

Originally constructed and filled to display contemporary architectural designs, models and artifacts from Sir John’s own work, the building shares many principles with the immersive environments used in contemporary marketing, inviting clients and customers to ‘experience’ a brand or product. The layout of the house, although a little chaotic, was intriguing and invoked curiosity. 

Soane’s own design of lighting techniques added tinted seals to the windows to project soft Mediterranean light into what may otherwise have been a cold Georgian building.  Creating a cocoon of warmth for clients and students visiting the ‘showroom’.

Throughout the building, space was cleverly designed to maximise the display possibilities.  None more so than in the Picture Gallery, where hinged paneled walls have been ingeniously designed to triple the display space in this small room.

The museum has given me several ideas and areas to explore in my own research, including the intigration of ‘mood’ lighting, immersive ‘product’ experience and practical solutions to increase display space, perhaps drawing in solutions from theatre design.