As part of my research into creating immersive environments I’ve found myself drawn to neutral colour palettes and monochrome, injected with a single splash of colour as a juxtaposition to their surroundings.  

As mentioned in my London blog post, Jeppe Hein’s modified park benches in the Southbank are a striking example of how a single bright colour, contrasting with the grey urbanism of its surroundings, makes an impressive impact. 

I also particularly like Tobias Rehberger’s ‘Nothing Happens for a Reason’, installed at the Logomo Café in Finland (Moreno et al, 2011).  

[aerial view: photograph by Bo Stranden from]

The entire room has been covered with a black and white pattern, with a single contrast of orange, dissecting the space, causing the eye to naturally follow the path created by this highlight colour.  I also like that the inspiration for this project came from the Royal Navy ‘dazzle’ painting technique used as camouflage on WWI warships.  This has caused to start looking for local, historically significant imagery, which might provide me with a unique interpretation for my final project.

In addition to ‘created’ environment the featured image for this post demonstrates an example of how this colour contrast can also occur in the natural world.  Taken at the Atlantis Dubai Aquarium, the flourscent red of the jelly fish punctuates through the deep inky depths of the water, providing a striking contrast.  


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Moreno, S, Bolhofer, K, Ehmann, S & Klaten, R (2011). ‘Out of the Box!: Brand experiences between pop-up and flagship’ Gestalten, Berlin.