anilaquayyumaghaImage: Anila Quayyum Agha – ‘Intersections’ in Binlot (2015)

In her ‘Intersections’ installation at the Dallas Contemporary, Texas, Anila Quayyum Agha created light displays using intricately cut shadow boxes, to project Moorish-inspired architectural styles onto surrounding walls.

I particularly like the simplicity in the design and construction of this series of works.  Each shadow box is a simple cube, cut with intricate patterning, which alone would be an interesting piece of art.  However, when combined with a single static bulb, the light projection completely transforms the surroundings, with the delicate Moorish designs creating the impression of being in North Africa.

This has work has made me consider how similar shadow box designs could be utilised as part of a pop-up display, to create atmosphere and an immersive environment as a marketing tool.  If combined with other sensual receptors, such and smell and sound, shadow images could provide a cost-efficient and effective way to engage with an audience. 



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