For my third design I decided to return to using plastic bags, as I had enjoyed using this medium in Design 1 and liked the light effect created from a single white colour palette.

As it’s nearly Christmas, I thought about how I might be able to create a festive inspired design.  By using white plastic bags, these naturally lent themselves to a Winter Wonderland theme.  I decide to create a series of ‘snowflake’ pom-poms clustered around a spiral frame, to create the impression of a stalactite.

Unfortunately, as the plastic bags were not a single thread (like wool), it was not possible to use a traditional circular wrapping technique to produce the pom-poms, I therefore, experimented with cutting slots into the bags and wrapping them in different ways.  The most successful way I found to achieve a full pom-pom ball is detailed below.

[left to right] Pom-pom making: 1. plastic bag, 2. remove handle, 3. cut strip from handle as tie, 4. cut strips into body of plastic bag.

5. remove edges of plastic bag, 6. scrunch and tie middle with handle strip, 7. separate strips to create pom-pom ball.

Once the pom-pom balls were created these were attached to the frame, created from a corrugated plastic bulb holder, cable ties and wire.

left: mid-construction; right: completed light fitting

I was really pleased with the effect created by the pom-poms, which produced a very tactile , soft and almost fur-like texture. 

When illuminated the light reflected off different aspects of each pom-pom, and the wire structure that they were affixed to gave a slight spiral affect.