This week I took the opportunity to attend one of the Soak It Up guest lectures given by Shaun Bowen from B&B Studio in London.  Although aimed at Graphic Designers, there were many elements of his talk that could be appropriated in my own design work.

Shaun’s main passion was for packaging.  Something that is a disposable, but also a necessity for most products.  I was particularly inspired by the attention to detail that was employed in his work and how small changes could make a huge impact.  Where every element was considered, including the outer packaging boxes which might only be seen by those working in warehouses and stacking shelves.  Elements where playful, but functional, for example renaming barcodes, ‘bear codes’ on Bear food packaging.  Designs where sleak, neat and uncluttered, but remained informative projecting a clear brand image.  (see for examples of the Studio’s work).

This attention to detail but ‘keep it simple’ approach is definitely something that I’d like to adopt in my design work.  An overload of information can become too deafening and products need to be allowed to speak for themselves.    Outer casings will need to be intriguing to encourage engagement, but not too overloaded with information to become overpowering.  It is also worth considering who will be engaging with the product and when.  What happens if a case is positioned in a way that was unintended, will it still make sense?  All sides and elements will need to be considered and designed to ensure that a coherent message is presented at all times and in different environments.


Bear Code –