At the Destinations Travel Show there were two common theme among the majority of stand designs, either high level or low level construction techniques.

Those stands that implored the high level construction techniques,  tended to have a high specification, include props, solid designs, be time consuming and would have required multiple people to create the finished article.

The alternative, by contrast were constructed quickly and possibly by a single individual, but consisted of the ubiquitous banner stand and tablecloth combination, which meant that they failed to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

This started me thinking about alternative designs for exhibition stands, which could be constructed easily by a single individual, but would also provide impact as part of a large trade show.

I produced a range of quick sketches to test out some of my ideas:


Key themes with all of these sketches was that a stand needed to be transportable and interactive. Storage also became a consideration, so although some of the designs (such as the spiral) would create impact, they would be impractical in reality.