I have just returned from a study visit to Berlin, exploring the city, its heritage, culture and art.  

I found the whole city to be fascinating, but none more so than the development of graffiti and street art.  Before visiting I wasn’t aware of how politicized the art was and how prolific it was throughout the city.  Had had gone with a preconception about the development of East and West Berlin but had many ‘myths’ dispelled during my time there.

The walking tour of Berlin explained how graffiti had grown as an expression of rebellion against the political idiologies and as a freedom of expression, but since the collapse of the Berlin Wall and reunification had exploded further in the arts community, supported by the general population and tolerated by the authorities.  

I found it interesting how artistic style had developed to try to avoid procecution, with posters and paper being used instead of paint as this is classed as a lesser offense of littering and less likely to be detected. This inspired me to consider experimenting with the use of a variety of different materials on my project. 

Not all images were political but most were empowering, either in their style of design, humour or message.  The art in Berlin, showcased the impact that imagery can have in storytelling and has made me think more about the narratives that I should include in my own design work.  The use of a quote, image or texture can have a powerful resonance in conveying meaning and I need to consider how this can be included.  It maybe through messages stamped on the outside of a case or revealed once a case is opened.