To gain some inspiration and to talk to industry experts I headed to  Event Production Show at Olympia, London.

The show featured a multitude of styles, schemes and products for the live event industry.  

Of particular interest were the stalls demonstrating corporate gaming and interactions as my Space In A Case project investigates the development of learning environments and group engagement.  

The giant ‘Lite-Brite’ inspired game, produced by JS Events, was especially striking.  I have previously been investigating possible design styles for the outer ‘holding’ shell for my cases, including graffiti art and neon lighting, however I feel that a ‘Lite-Brite’ installation may work well.  It will not only be eye-catching, but also interactive, with people encouraged to manouver the acrylic pegs to make new patterns.  The shell would then become organic and continually evolving with each new user. 

Sketch of proposed design for Space In A Case outer shell, incorporating ‘Lite-Brite’ inspired side panel, potentially a word or image representing theme of the contents. 

Another colourful and interactive display reinterpreted the adult colouring phenomenon, by incorporating colouring sheets into walls and furniture.  

I particularly liked the simplistic nature of these installations, which could easily be reproduced on a smaller scale and don’t require any specialist equipment.  The more engaged people are with the displays, the more colourful and alluring they become, therefore, forming a self perpetuating and transformational display.

Interactivativity is key to my designs and hopefully the above will prove to be inspirational in developing a captivating Space In A Case. 
Images taken by J Holgate, 01.03.17, Event Production Show, London.