I’m currently working on the Grand Shed Project and one of the key items in the scheme is the pattern cutting table.  I’ve always wanted a cutting table, but never had the room/excuse to invest in one before.

Cutting tables are fantastic resources to be able to lay fabric on and as the name suggest, cut it out.  However, they aren’t the smallest items of furniture.  As my cutting table needs to fit into a shed, I needed to be a little creative, the solution a folding table, that could then double as a sewing bench.

Trying to source a suitable table wasn’t easy but eventually I located an old dining table, that had seen better days.  It is heavily scratched and featured one of two coffee cup stains.

After a lot of sanding the table was stripped back to its natural wood …

Next I needed to address the issue of storage.  Great having a cutting table, but there needs to be somewhere to store those little bits and pieces, such as needles and threads.

After a day in the workshop and some readjustments to fit round the cantilever legs , I produced two drawer packs that fit neatly in the centre of the table.

Add a lick of paint to the boxes, wax to protect the wood and a 1.5m metal rule and there you have it, a finished, bespoke cutting table.

The centerpiece of the Sewing Shack (vintage Singer machine optional!)

All images: J Holgate, 2017