A recent BBC survey reported that the number of people consuming alcohol each week was at an all time low.   Possibly more surprising was that the largest number of non-drinkers fell in the 16-24 age group, with over half consuming alcohol less than once a week.  This view is supported by the Telegraph, which reported a growth in the number of sober students, fuelled by social media and an increasing awareness of health.  

In combination with this loneliness is as high in amongst the U.K. student population as it is in the elderly (University Observer).  Moving away from family, friends, the rise of digital networking and reduced shared accommodation unit sizes all being contributing factors. 

This increase in tee-totalism and social isolation, has created a demand for activities that are not exclusively routed around drinking, creating offline face-to-face networking.  

The Space In A Case project aims to address these issues by providing an interactive, engaging and social environment for people to create new interactions.  With each set based around a nostalgic era, the cases will provide an enjoyable experience that contains a combination of informative products and fun activities, that could be enjoyed independently or together as a full set.  Helping to unite people through an experiential and immersive event experience.



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