Gamification plays an important part in experiential engagement, creating interest, fun and aiding memory retention.  As I’ve previously talked about that can work expetionally well in a museum environment (Magical Museum), but how can this be translated a social space?

Classic objects have sort to create interest through their design and not just their functionality.  The jukebox is a good example of this.  Not only does the unit play music, but it engages users in the process of track selection.  

Classic Whirlitzer jukebox
Record loading mechanism
Track selection buttons

The brightly coloured exterior of the Whirlitzer captured the eye, whilst the selection itself requires the satisfying clucking and clinking of buttons.  Once a track is selected the another performance begins as the record is selected and loaded onto the turntable, all in full view of the user. 
Wall mounted jukebox
Smaller wall mounted jukeboxes, may not display the physical records, but maintain the user interaction through the ‘flip board’ track listings.  

The fun in choosing the tracks means that it’s almost impossible not to attract a crowd and ‘discuss’ the merits of possible track selections. 

The Wine Barrel Furniture Company, have successfully managed to combine vintage gaming with upcycling.   They produce game tables from wooden wine cases, set into a brushed steel surround.  

Monopoly game table, featuring push to open drawers

The table top features a recessed board game and push button drawers have been designed to hold playing pieces (and bottles of wine!) 

I really like this combination of vintage upcycling and gaming to create a modern, engaging product.  The push to open drawers have also inspired my thoughts about compartment design in the Space In A Case design.  The drawers are not initially obvious and this simple technology offers both surprise and intrigue.  Incorporating push to open catches to compartment drawers could add an interesting element to my design.
The following sketches demonstrate how a push to open fixing may work on my project:

Case divided into four compartments
Open push to open drawer
Push to open drawer featuring concealed fixing

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