The elements of the Space In A Case project have been finally coming together, through the conversion of the vintage suitcases into a traditional gaming compendium.

I investigated a range of styles for the game boards and felt that standard, plain designs produced a haphazard feel to the final unit. With each section offering a contrasting component and the full pieces being made of individual elements, rather than a single coherent design.

In order to address this issue, I began researching mid century graphic design and wallpaper patterns, which would compliment the era that the suitcases were originally manufactured in.

I particularly liked the bold graphic prints, space race and atomic commentary reflected in many of these designs. These mid century ‘Atomic’ designs, also provide a useful narrative for my project.  With the explosion of atoms and connecting lines providing a useful metaphor for the coming to together and creation of new relationships that my project aims to foster.  At the same time this modern interpretation of narrative juxtaposes with the original atomic era, which created division and distrust amongst communities.

Elements of this style of design were utilised for each element of the Space in a Case unit, to develop a cohesive design.


The chess/draughts board was designed as a series of interlocking squares and rectangles.

Atomic Roll.png

The Roll-A-Ball game was based on the atomic spoke imagery.

atomic fabric.png

Finally the fabric for the seat cushion was a reproduction 1950s Atomic design, printed in the United States.



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