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Julie Holgate

Immersive and experiential design: creating illusions and memories

It’s Showtime 

After a year of research, design and construction, it's finally time to showcase my work to the wider world.   Throughout my planning the one  constant was the desire to produce a final product that was both a physical creation... Continue Reading →


Topical Typography

To ensure that my mid-century theme was accurately reflected throughout my design, I wanted to use era-appropriate typography as I felt that this would enhance the nostalgic narrative of the final piece. I researched games produced during the 1950s, to identify the text... Continue Reading →

Sitting Comfortably 

To encourage prolonged engagement with my Space In A Case gaming unit, I decided to convert one of the cases into seating. By splitting a case between the lid and main body, with each section adding a small upholstered frame,... Continue Reading →

Atomic attraction

The elements of the Space In A Case project have been finally coming together, through the conversion of the vintage suitcases into a traditional gaming compendium. I investigated a range of styles for the game boards and felt that standard,... Continue Reading →

Toptafel Time

One of the games I have been keen to create is a traditional toptafel skittles game, based on a 1950s original woodworking pattern that I had discovered online.  Positioned inside a drawer fashioned from one of the cases, it would be... Continue Reading →

Traditional game play

During my design process I have experimented with various, often overcomplicated vintage or nostalgic concepts (for example those discussed in my Retro Wrapping post).  The decision to utilise a more simplistic design for the outer shell and wood as the main construction... Continue Reading →

Refining the Design

In Back to Basics I discussed how I had refined my original design for my Space In A Case project and decided to create a more simplistic construct, both internally and externally, to encourage user engagement with the suitcases. Although this... Continue Reading →

Back to Basics

In my previous post Retro Wrapping I discussed my preliminary design considerations for my Space In A Case unit.  In retrospect, I concluded that some of the ideas were overcomplicating the design and could be diluting the narrative of both the... Continue Reading →

Retro Wrapping

In addition to designing the internal components of each suitcase (Retro Refit), I also needed to consider how these would be stored, transported and advertise themselves to people to encourage usage. Following the nostalgic theme, I began to experiment with... Continue Reading →

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