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Piecing It Together

This week I have been investigating construction techniques for the interior compartments and storage unit, for my Space In A Case project. My intention is to create a product and space which actively engages participants, therefore, construction methods will need... Continue Reading →


The Event Production Show 

To gain some inspiration and to talk to industry experts I headed to  Event Production Show at Olympia, London. The show featured a multitude of styles, schemes and products for the live event industry.   Of particular interest were the... Continue Reading →

Making Tracks

Last week I had a break from my studies and spent the week enjoying the ski slopes of Morzine, in the French Alps.  I was there with a group of friends and it's safe to say that our skiing abilities... Continue Reading →

Faking It

What is real and what is fake?  In the world of marketing it's not always easy to tell the difference between the two.  An example of this, that I admire, is the DermaBlend viral advertising campaign.  This reversed the usual beauty advertising... Continue Reading →

Pop-Ups: Can they really Pop-Up?

Many of the immersive and experiential design ideas that I have been researching have their origins in the concept of being a pop-up event, i.e. a temporary, experience created to be enjoyed by a select audience, for a limited time.... Continue Reading →

Rural Industrial Heritage: Reimagined?

Whilst researching project ideas I came across an article on by Stephen Bayley, which discussed heritage in design and suggested that the past is continually reimagined; there are no new ideas, just reinterpretations of existing forms. This started me... Continue Reading →

Sir John Soane’s Museum

I'm currently researching ideas relating to experiential events and portable exhibition design and was reminded of Sir John Soane's Museum in London...


Keeping it clear and simple. I recently visited Grand Designs Live at the NEC, Birmingham and was struck by the contrasting size and scale of the exhibition stands on display.   What surprised me most however, was that I found the simpler,... Continue Reading →

Autumn – nature’s design 

Walking in one of my favourite spots at the weekend I was captivated by how seasonal changes affect an environment.  How the light and colours of Autumn transform a woodland into a cozy warm cavern.  The curves of trees envelop... Continue Reading →

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