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Spreading the word

Shakespeare, The Brontë's, Tolkien, Rowling, generations of great British storytellers who have used the English language to create new worlds full of love and betrayal, distant pasts, mythical lands and magical realms.  All have used the power of human imagination to transport reader's away... Continue Reading →


All Lit Up – The Finished Article

After two weeks working on various light shade designs, all the different project pieces were brought together for a showcase.  It was interesting to see how the brief had been interpreted differently by each student/group of students, with a variety... Continue Reading →

All Lit Up – Design 3

All Lit Up – Design 2

Staying with the theme of recycling everyday objects to create lampshades, the second design that the group worked on utilised cable ties to create a tactile and colourful design. Whilst Design 1 used a single white colour palette and shadows... Continue Reading →

All Lit Up – Design 1

Following on from my research into recycled lighting ideas, I started investigate ideas around how plastic bags might be used to create a visually appealing lampshade. The first hurdle that I cam across was to establish how to fix the... Continue Reading →

All Lit Up – Research

This week we have been tasked to produce a series of lampshades using unusual materials.  We have been encouraged to consider the use of disposable and recycled items, such as plastic cutlery, ring pulls, cups etc.  There are two major constraints that... Continue Reading →

Faking It

What is real and what is fake?  In the world of marketing it's not always easy to tell the difference between the two.  An example of this, that I admire, is the DermaBlend viral advertising campaign.  This reversed the usual beauty advertising... Continue Reading →

Anila Quayyum Agha -‘Intersections’

Image: Anila Quayyum Agha - 'Intersections' in Binlot (2015) In her 'Intersections' installation at the Dallas Contemporary, Texas, Anila Quayyum Agha created light displays using intricately cut shadow boxes, to project Moorish-inspired architectural styles onto surrounding walls. I particularly like the simplicity... Continue Reading →

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