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Open Sesame

Gamification plays an important part in experiential engagement, creating interest, fun and aiding memory retention.  As I've previously talked about that can work expetionally well in a museum environment (Magical Museum), but how can this be translated a social space?... Continue Reading →


Sober Social Butterflies 

A recent BBC survey reported that the number of people consuming alcohol each week was at an all time low.   Possibly more surprising was that the largest number of non-drinkers fell in the 16-24 age group, with over half... Continue Reading →

Berlin – Graffiti City

I have just returned from a study visit to Berlin, exploring the city, its heritage, culture and art.   I found the whole city to be fascinating, but none more so than the development of graffiti and street art.  Before... Continue Reading →

Destinations Travel Show

In order to get some fresh inspiration for my project I attended the Destinations Travel Show at Event City, Manchester on Thursday 19th January. The Show featured representatives from the worldwide travel industry, products and destinations.  I was struck by the... Continue Reading →

The Nostalgia of Sound

In previous blog posts I have discussed how other senses, such as sight and smell, can provoke emotional responses and reignite nostalgic memories in people.  In order to create fully immersive environments it is important to consider the full sensory spectrum and... Continue Reading →

Peripheral Vision: Creating Motion

When researching lighting effects in immersive design environments I came across the concept IllumiRoom project created by Microsoft.  This technology would in theory create a 3D scan of a room and project imagery to produce an expanded and immersive gaming... Continue Reading →

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