Julie Holgate

Event and Engagement Design



Sitting Comfortably 

To encourage prolonged engagement with my Space In A Case gaming unit, I decided to convert one of the cases into seating. By splitting a case between the lid and main body, with each section adding a small upholstered frame,... Continue Reading →


Refining the Design

In Back to Basics I discussed how I had refined my original design for my Space In A Case project and decided to create a more simplistic construct, both internally and externally, to encourage user engagement with the suitcases. Although this... Continue Reading →

Retro Wrapping

In addition to designing the internal components of each suitcase (Retro Refit), I also needed to consider how these would be stored, transported and advertise themselves to people to encourage usage. Following the nostalgic theme, I began to experiment with... Continue Reading →

Retro Refit

Having decided to utilise vintage cases as my main component part of my design project, I needed to consider how they could be transformed into spaces, that would encourage people to engage with their contents. I started to sketch a series... Continue Reading →

Open Sesame

Gamification plays an important part in experiential engagement, creating interest, fun and aiding memory retention.  As I've previously talked about that can work expetionally well in a museum environment (Magical Museum), but how can this be translated a social space?... Continue Reading →

The Event Production Show 

To gain some inspiration and to talk to industry experts I headed to  Event Production Show at Olympia, London. The show featured a multitude of styles, schemes and products for the live event industry.   Of particular interest were the... Continue Reading →

Space in a Case

After experimenting with several ideas for new exhibition stands I was still struggling to to work out the best way to create a design that would incorporate all my key elements, i.e. lightweight, portable, easy to assemble, offer storage AND most... Continue Reading →

Easy Exhibits

At the Destinations Travel Show there were two common theme among the majority of stand designs, either high level or low level construction techniques. Those stands that implored the high level construction techniques,  tended to have a high specification, include props,... Continue Reading →

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