Julie Holgate

Space in a Case

After experimenting with several ideas for new exhibition stands I was still struggling to to work out the best way to create a design that would incorporate all my key elements, i.e. lightweight, portable, easy to assemble, offer storage AND most... Continue Reading →

Easy Exhibits

At the Destinations Travel Show there were two common theme among the majority of stand designs, either high level or low level construction techniques. Those stands that implored the high level construction techniques,  tended to have a high specification, include props,... Continue Reading →

Creative Practices

On Wednesday I attended the Creative Practices lecture series, in the Media Innovation Studio at UCLan.  Although the talks were primarily focused around photography, it was interesting to see the processes undertaken by other artists and how this might inform my own practice.... Continue Reading →

Soak It Up – B&B Studio

This week I took the opportunity to attend one of the Soak It Up guest lectures given by Shaun Bowen from B&B Studio in London.  Although aimed at Graphic Designers, there were many elements of his talk that could be appropriated in... Continue Reading →

Making Tracks

Last week I had a break from my studies and spent the week enjoying the ski slopes of Morzine, in the French Alps.  I was there with a group of friends and it's safe to say that our skiing abilities... Continue Reading →

Sounds of the City

I've previously discussed how important the role of sound and music is in constructing environments (The Nostalgia of Sound).  Unfortunately at many exhibitions, shows or events, the use of music is limited or prohibited entirely, so I have been looking at... Continue Reading →

A Shrinking World

While researching experiential installations, I came across a project done for the launch of Coca-Cola's miniature cans in Germany. To create interest, a number of mini-kiosks appeared in cities across the country.  Each kiosk contained all the products you'd usually find, newspapers,... Continue Reading →

Destinations Travel Show

In order to get some fresh inspiration for my project I attended the Destinations Travel Show at Event City, Manchester on Thursday 19th January. The Show featured representatives from the worldwide travel industry, products and destinations.  I was struck by the... Continue Reading →

End of Semester Presentation

My research and design ideas this semester have been summarized in this Prezi presentation Immersive and Experiential Design Presentation (opens in a new window). At the end of this semester I am still finalising my design project, but am currently looking at how... Continue Reading →

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