Julie Holgate

Event and Engagement Design

Retro Refit

Having decided to utilise vintage cases as my main component part of my design project, I needed to consider how they could be transformed into spaces, that would encourage people to engage with their contents. I started to sketch a series... Continue Reading →


Design Lab

After five fantastic days in Baoding, we finished our trip in the Chinese capital, Beijing. One of my favourite parts of this mega city was the 798 art district with its vast array of craft and design installations, cafes, shops... Continue Reading →

Baoding Bound

As part of my studies I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to travel to China, to participate in a collaborative project with students from Hebei University in Baoding. Participants were separated into four groups to develop an... Continue Reading →

Open Sesame

Gamification plays an important part in experiential engagement, creating interest, fun and aiding memory retention.  As I've previously talked about that can work expetionally well in a museum environment (Magical Museum), but how can this be translated a social space?... Continue Reading →

Sober Social Butterflies 

A recent BBC survey reported that the number of people consuming alcohol each week was at an all time low.   Possibly more surprising was that the largest number of non-drinkers fell in the 16-24 age group, with over half... Continue Reading →

The Sewing Shack 

I recently entered a competition run by Grand Designs Live, to style a a standard garden shed.  My design was inspired by my love of sewing and all things creative.  I chose a colour palette, based on British meadow flowers... Continue Reading →

Cutting Craft 

I'm currently working on the Grand Shed Project and one of the key items in the scheme is the pattern cutting table.  I've always wanted a cutting table, but never had the room/excuse to invest in one before. Cutting tables... Continue Reading →

Practice Makes Perfect 

  After sketching, re-sketching and even more sketching, I've finally started to translate some of my ideas from the 2D drawing board into the 3D world. As previously discussed the Space In A Case design will consist of a series... Continue Reading →

Piecing It Together

This week I have been investigating construction techniques for the interior compartments and storage unit, for my Space In A Case project. My intention is to create a product and space which actively engages participants, therefore, construction methods will need... Continue Reading →

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