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Back to Basics

In my previous post Retro Wrapping I discussed my preliminary design considerations for my Space In A Case unit.  In retrospect, I concluded that some of the ideas were overcomplicating the design and could be diluting the narrative of both the... Continue Reading →


Retro Wrapping

In addition to designing the internal components of each suitcase (Retro Refit), I also needed to consider how these would be stored, transported and advertise themselves to people to encourage usage. Following the nostalgic theme, I began to experiment with... Continue Reading →

The Sewing Shack 

I recently entered a competition run by Grand Designs Live, to style a a standard garden shed.  My design was inspired by my love of sewing and all things creative.  I chose a colour palette, based on British meadow flowers... Continue Reading →

Cutting Craft 

I'm currently working on the Grand Shed Project and one of the key items in the scheme is the pattern cutting table.  I've always wanted a cutting table, but never had the room/excuse to invest in one before. Cutting tables... Continue Reading →

Practice Makes Perfect 

  After sketching, re-sketching and even more sketching, I've finally started to translate some of my ideas from the 2D drawing board into the 3D world. As previously discussed the Space In A Case design will consist of a series... Continue Reading →

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