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Magical Museum

Whilst in Berlin I decided to visit the DDR Museum.  Billed as 'one of the most interactive museums in the world!' ( I was expecting an engaging experience but was concerned that it might possibly be a little tacky. Designed... Continue Reading →


Peripheral Vision: Creating Motion

When researching lighting effects in immersive design environments I came across the concept IllumiRoom project created by Microsoft.  This technology would in theory create a 3D scan of a room and project imagery to produce an expanded and immersive gaming... Continue Reading →

Faking It

What is real and what is fake?  In the world of marketing it's not always easy to tell the difference between the two.  An example of this, that I admire, is the DermaBlend viral advertising campaign.  This reversed the usual beauty advertising... Continue Reading →

Pop-Ups: Can they really Pop-Up?

Many of the immersive and experiential design ideas that I have been researching have their origins in the concept of being a pop-up event, i.e. a temporary, experience created to be enjoyed by a select audience, for a limited time.... Continue Reading →

Creating Immersive Experiences – Scent

As already discussed in my previous London Study Trip post, scents can be a key tool in stirring emotional responses, whether they are calming floral scents, or hunger inducing food smells. With Autumnal nights drawing I have started to recognise... Continue Reading →

Sir John Soane’s Museum

I'm currently researching ideas relating to experiential events and portable exhibition design and was reminded of Sir John Soane's Museum in London...

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