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Retro Refit

Having decided to utilise vintage cases as my main component part of my design project, I needed to consider how they could be transformed into spaces, that would encourage people to engage with their contents. I started to sketch a series... Continue Reading →


Piecing It Together

This week I have been investigating construction techniques for the interior compartments and storage unit, for my Space In A Case project. My intention is to create a product and space which actively engages participants, therefore, construction methods will need... Continue Reading →

The Event Production Show 

To gain some inspiration and to talk to industry experts I headed to  Event Production Show at Olympia, London. The show featured a multitude of styles, schemes and products for the live event industry.   Of particular interest were the... Continue Reading →

Magical Museum

Whilst in Berlin I decided to visit the DDR Museum.  Billed as 'one of the most interactive museums in the world!' ( I was expecting an engaging experience but was concerned that it might possibly be a little tacky. Designed... Continue Reading →

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